The production time of video takes from 3 to 6 weeks on average.

Simple tasks, such as logo animation or motion Ads take 2-5 days.
Sure. Even if your request sounds like "I want to present my company at a trade show" or "I want to make a comic strip with my product" feel free to write me!

I will help you decide and find the best solution based on your brand analysis.
It depends on many factors. The complexity of the project and the drawing, the total length of the video, and additional services like voiceover.

The minimum cost of creating a demo product video is $2,000. But logo animation or motion advertising will cost less.
I will lead the whole process and guide you through all the steps of video creation. We'll start with analyzing and inspiration, and finish with SFX. With each step, you'll get a better understanding of what your video will look like.

You can see the full description in the Process section.
The work is structured in a way that we go through the path together from references to the finished product. You will personally approve each stage, and each stage allows for revisions. So if you don't like something in the stages of work, you can make changes.

Therefore, unpredictability of the result is excluded. You will get what you expect to get.
Of course, I can adapt to your existing style, improve it, or come up with something new and unique for you!